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Allusions Of The Communist Manifesto

Moral and Anagogic Connections

Introduction to the Communist Manifesto
Literary Elements
Symbolic and Allegorical References
Moral and Anagogic Connections

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In regards to moral and agology, the incident at the end of the story with the flood is a great allusion to the Biblical flood with Noah and his arc. The objective of the flood in Noah's Arc was to cleanse the world of all evil and sin. This would leave the people on the arc "the good" to start over on a clean slate and do what we were meant to do.

An Example of two families coming together was when Al Joad attempted to protect the car from the flood. He chooses to move the trap that separates the Joad's section of their box car from that of the Wainwrights.

- Chapter 30 Page 593 - "On the second day of the rain Al took the tarpaulin down from the middle of the car. He carried it out and spread it on the nose of the truck, and he came back into the car and sat down on his mattress. Now, without the separation, the two families in the car were one. The men sat together, and their spirits were damp."

Then later on when the flood was threatening to take what little items they had left in their lives, Pa and Uncle John asked the other men of the box car homes to help them make a ditch. It represents the unity of the lower class and how the outcome will be greater and more effective if they all work together. But it is also important that this event was man working besides his fellow man as mutually beneficial, not like with the large landowners where they had to succumb to their will.

"Sure,": Pa said. "You can go. Go on. Nobody's stoppin' you. They's only eight shovels." He hurried to the l0owest part of the bank and drove his shovel into the mud. The shovelful lifted with a sucking sound. He drove it again, and threw the mud into the low place on the stream bank. And beside him the other men ranged themselves. They heaped the mud up in a long embankment, and those who had no shovels cut live willow whips and wove them in a mat and kicked them into the bank. Over the men came a fury of work, a fury of battle. When one man dropped his shovel, another took it up.

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Philosophies of Marx & Engel
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